Ultraviolet Sterilization Equipment

UV Sterilization Equipment


Product profile

UV sterilization equipment use UV lamp to sterilize the external surface of bag.

when the bag goes through the sterilization chamber, UV radiation in all directions exposure to its surface constantly and destroy the microbial structure, in order to inhibit the replication of DNA.

On the other hand, the oxygen in the air is ionized by oxygen ions due to 

radiation, then make oxygen oxidize into ozone or make the water oxidize 

into perhydrol, ozone and perhydrol have bactericidal effect.

The equipment is composed of sterilization tunnel and conveyor belt. 

There are two conveyers in side of tunnel, when the bag runs into the middle of the equipment, a smooth transition from the first conveyor belt to the second conveyor 

, the position of the stainless steel support and the bag are changed at the same time, thus to ensure that the entire bag external surfaces are sterilized by UV.

      Product feature

Compact design

No radiation dead corner, very good sterilization effect.

The side door is pulled upwards, maximum space saving, easy maintenance.

Adjustable transporting velocity frequency

Adjustable germicidal UV intensity.

Monitoring the attenuation degree of UV radiation real-time.

External mounted vacuum cleaner, prevent pollution and avoid the positive pressure.


Technical parameter