CIP Solution

We have developed various CIP solutions and key equipment to meet comprehensive high standards, our experts guarantee product safety at every point of the process. Every upgrade is adapted to individual local conditions and customer requirements and leads to noticeable savings. Individual consulting and customer-specific configurations aim at low investment costs, fast commissioning and short downtimes. Complete integration into the existing process control system ensures automatic and trouble-free cleaning and higher economic efficiency at the same time. 


we are the very few in the world to introduce CIP concept into powder handling field and we are one of very few players in the world knows how to do CIP in powder handling area (dry area)

We provide CIP solutions for:

-       Dairy industry

-       Food industry

-       Pharmaceutical industry


We developed various configuration solutions with following features

-       Perfect cleaning performance

-       High reapable

-       High efficiency with low cost

-       Sanitary system to meet very high hygiene standard

-       Dry out and sanitizing function

-       Able to provide SIP system  

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