OME/YUANDA in one organization, have all the key core technologies:

-  Wet process

-  Evaporation

-  Spray Drying           

-  Powder handling                                                                       

-  Powder packaging


Wet Process System 

We offer the liquid equipment and expertise for:


•  Reception and storage of raw milk

•  Separation and homogenization of raw milk

•  Cream pasteurization and storage

•  Mixing of raw materials to required composition and a total solid

•  Pasteurization, homogenization of the finished mix

•  Appropriate storage of finished mix before evaporation 

The equipment for providing these functions is based on OME/YUANDA technology for:

•  Oil reception and storage

•  Mixing of powder/oil and powder/water

•  Pasteurization and homogenization of milk and finished product

•  Product storage system

•  Minor ingredient systems

•  CIP plants for liquid part

•  Reception and storage of bulk chemicals

•  CIP plants


Evaporator Systems 

The equipment provided to fulfil these functions is based on OME/YUANDA technology for:

•  Low mesophile direct contact pre-heating of product and pre-concentrates

•  Low thermophile direct contact final heating of products and pre-concentrates


Drying System 

OME/YUANDA offers equipment and expertise for the:

•  Spray drying of infant formula mix, concentrate into powder

The equipment provided to fulfil this function is based on Yuanda/OME technology for:

•  Feed handling

•  Spray drying with nozzles

•  After-treatment of powder


Powder Handling System 

OME/YUANDA offer Powder Handling equipment and expertise for the:

•  Dry ingredients, storage and feeding to wet mix

•  Finished powder conveying and storage from the spray dryer

•  Finished powder filling and unloading into IBC


The equipment provided to fulfil these functions is based on OME/YUANDA’s proprietary technology for:

•  Pneumatic dense phase conveying

•  IBC filling and unloading system

•  Powder silo system

•  Powder weighing and feeding system (powder to wet)

Powder Packing System 

OME/YUANDA offer Bulk Powder Packing equipment and expertise for:

•  Sanitary packing of dairy powders into 25 kg Paper bags

•  Packing under modified atmosphere to ensure low RO levels in the filled and closed bag

The equipment provided to fulfil these functions is based on Yuanda/OME’s proprietary technology for:

•  Automatic empty bag loading

•  Automatic sanitary 25 kg bag filling

•  Packing under Modified Atmosphere


OME/YUANDA off will integrate other major components including:

•  Metal Detector

•  Rotary/static Magnets

•  load cell weighing system.


Automation & System Integration

Advanced control systems optimize the efficiency of the process plant, offering advantages such as stable product quality, lower production cost, higher systems availability and better process information provided for operational and management staff.

The OME/YUANDA off approach to automation is to work in partnership with our clients, to develop automation systems that meet the particular requirements of each client. YUANDA/OME ensures that all process and control functions are clearly defined & documented, implemented and finally tested, prior to the start of commissioning. We encourage client participation in every aspect of the automation development process, from commenting on typical SCADA screen’s to participating in the FAT. All of which ensures that the site based commissioning activities run as smoothly as possible.