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   June 12, 2017,another good news is coming,Qinhuangdao Yanda Yuanda Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co Ltd. (Yuanda Shares for shortSuccessfully obtained iso9001:2015 China quality management system certification. Quality management system certification (CQC) is an authoritative certification approved by China Quality Certification Center. CQC is the earliest, largest and most authoritative certification institution for quality certification in China,  This system certification, not only for the company internal operation specification, it is a certification of product quality. Through the strict audit of the international standardization of quality management system certification, thereby improving the quality of products and enterprise process management level.

       Yuanda shares successfully obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, corporate image, internal management, business operations and international trade exchanges will be a major opportunity. As a well-known "Yuanda" brand, adhering to the "let production become simple" mission, Yuanda shares is committed to creating "unmanned, intelligent" powder processing production line, the core technology is determined to become the industry benchmark.