Company events


The 52nd national pharmaceutical machinery and Chinese International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo in the beautiful Rongcheng Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center Grand Opening

Yuanda shares as the leader of the domestic powder processing industry, For the first time in the Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition, bring the company's core products, pneumatic mixer and spray drying tower. The company's innovative products and "intelligent continuous production" concept has attracted many manufacturers to come to consult the discussion.


Although the pharmaceutical industry for the first time to participate in the exhibition, the degree of concern higher than expected, new ideas, new technology allows manufacturers to see the future direction of production.                


Through this exhibition, the main purpose is the publicity of our new equipment, In the pharmaceutical industry reached the Yuanda of brand promotion, Let more enterprises know about the technology of Yuanda, the equipment of Yuanda, the idea of Yuanda.