Company events


   In February 6, 2017, at the invitation of our company, the Greek milk powder production company came to our company for acceptance of the equipment,Director of Company Wang Xin, Deputy General Manager Cai Yifeng, General Sales Manager Li Honggang etc, warmly received the delegation and accompanied the visit and exchange. 

    During this period, Mr.Cai made an introduction to the general situation of the shares and the products to the customers and friends. The delegation visited the production workshop, R & D center and integrated office building, it further deepened the understanding of the source shares and laid the foundation for strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the future.



   Through the visit to the company, the customer has a certain understanding of the size of the source shares, combined with specific data analysis and the introduction of the company's future planning, more firmly the belief of the subsequent cooperation.

    Through this customer and Yuanda "intimate contact", let the customer more detailed understanding of our whole company development plan, in order to enhance the trust of Yuanda products, further strengthened the pace and confidence in the future market development. The company also through the communication with customers, more clearly understand the needs and characteristics of the local market. Through the close cooperation between the two sides, I believe our market will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow.